I am the founder of Social+Good, former president of The Blog Studio, and former┬áDirector of Digital & Social Strategy at TBWA/Toronto. I love to work and love to play. By play I mean yoga. This blog is about me. My deepest thoughts, likes and maybe a rant or two. I’m learning to let go in life and put it all out there, so here it is.

My background is in Marketing & Graphic Design. I am a lucky girl, I work in a field that encompasses all the things I love – marketing, design, social media & technology.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, writing, playing volleyball, yoga, spending time with my amazing family & friends. I travel to NYC as much as I possibly can because I love everything about it.

I have an odd obsession with construction sites. I love watching the foundation of a building being built. Maybe it’s because I always believe you need to get to the root of problems, I like taking large issues & breaking them down to its core.

I’m an optimist, a glass half full kinda gal. I’m a true believer that you create your own reality & when the going gets tough you push on through.