Last year I vowed to fall in love with ever inch of myself in 2013. What a silly resolution – I shouldn’t of ever had to even think that but I did. Throughout the year I’ve fallen in and out of love with myself, parts of myself and pieces in emotional and physical ways to0 many times.

It’s 1 day away from 2014 and of course my body can’t fall asleep because it had to have an out of body experience before the year was up. Of course it did – because when I set my mind to something it always happens and I had fallen off the “love myself wagon” and I clearly subconsciously had to ensure I got back on with a vengeance. Heaven forbid I broke my resolution.

Here is one thing I now know and have learned in 2013. The only resolution that I need and will ever need is to LOVE. To allow myself to open heartedly love everyone and everything around me. To do everything, everyday with love and passion and live knowing that if something hurts, doesn’t feel right or I’m struggling – it is because I’m not loving. It’s that simple.

I’ve gone through every inch of my body from head to toe tonight & I’ve identified where I feel pain and why. I’ve always been curious about the theory that your mind can heal anything BUT tonight I realize it isn’t my mind that is the cure all – it’s my heart. I believe that modern science is realizing that the heart sends messages to the brain much more than the brain sends messages to the heart. I’m going to heal every muscle, joint and nerve damage that I’ve caused myself. I’ve done it all with brut force. Just going for it because that’s who I’ve always been – pushing through doors, making things happen at whatever cost. Not any more.

You really do get wiser as you get older – or at least I know I am. No need for brut force anymore. Deep breathes, smart planning and letting the universe take me where I need to go. Life’s is Beautiful.