raw sandwich

I wish the title was “Part Time Lover” so I could feel cooler but “Part Time Raw Foodie” will have to do.

So here it is – my next goal. I’ve been toying with this idea for far too long that I’m giving it a real shot and I finally think I’ve got all my ducks in a row to make this happen. My current goal is to eat raw for at least 4 days of the week. Why only 4? I’m afraid if I go 7 that I won’t do it long term and this is something that I’d like to do long term. I also want to be able to enjoy a meal out with my friends once a week. Ultimately I’ll go raw unless I need to eat out with friends, colleagues, etc…

One super awesome thing that I discovered a few days ago is a raw eatery that just opened up walking distance from my home and work. Superfood eatery is delicious. I’ve already had 3 meals there and thoroughly drooled over every one. I think the fact that I’m so happy today is definitely due to my body being happy with its fuel.

I miss NYC. I’ve officially been back in Toronto for 16 days and I’ve been struggling with feeling so blah. I miss the energy, the hard core yoga, the go getters, the smell of pollution, the loudness, the hustle and bustle, the steps everywhere, the subway, the crazies….the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sooooo… what better way to try to get some of that NYC energy than eat raw and fuel my body with food that will make it thrive. A thriving body and mind has to generate some serious energy – right? I felt it in Yoga tonight and I definitely had that extra NYC pep in my step today.

Maybe it’s not the food but since I’m a believer in you are what you eat – I’m pretty sure it is.