Almost exactly a year ago today I decided to stop doing Bikrams yoga and to try other forms of yoga and exercise. I made more time for spinning, the gym and regular yoga. It’s been a year of exercising pretty hard core and yet I haven’t lost the weight that I’ve wanted to (for health reasons) and I’m actually feeling more body pain and less flexibility. About 6 months ago I started taking hot yoga classes again that weren’t Bikram style and I started seeing some changes and a real energy increase. Those awesome classes were in NYC and I can’t find a yoga studio in Toronto that has the quality of those classes so as of this week I’ve gone back to Bikrams. I’m going to only let myself do about 3 classes a week so that my body doesn’t get too use to it and it’s always a serious challenge and I’m going to continue other hot yoga classes 3 times a week so that I can work on harder poses that don’t exist in the Bikrams sequence.

It’s amazing to see how in a few classes a lot of ailments I’ve been feeling have gone away and I’ve started seeing results again. I wish the studio had other options that just this sequence but for now I’m totally cool with it and enjoying it all over again. Bikram may be a d-bag but this sequence and the heat is pretty kick ass.