When I was in Costa Rica our leader Josie meditated on a few words, wrote them down on cards and placed them faced down on her yoga matt. After our first yoga class she told us to pick a card and I was instantly drawn to one – I flipped it over it said FORGIVE.

The hardest thing in life – for me is to be OK with others actions. My life is about me so it’s very hard for me to see life where everything everyone does doesn’t effect me. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you need to accept something bad that happened – it just means you need to let it go for you.

I don’t have the right to change anyone – It’s not my responsibility to make anyone happy. The key is to simply respect the person no matter what they say or do. I have always lived with the assumption that everyone saw life the way I did while also feeling people didn’t understand life the way I did (I’m a walking contradiction sometimes).

I’ve definitely spent a good amount of my life trying to make other people happy and in the meantime not focusing on making myself happy. I’m a pretty happy person so knowing that I can be even happier motivates me beyond belief.

It’s taken 36 years for me to realize that I can’t change anyone – I really can’t and I have no right to even try to. I’m doing exactly what I’m suppose to be doing and I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be.

Now I just need to forgive myself for not knowing better in my past and moving forward light as a feather. Easier said than done.