I’m lucky. I’m really, lucky. I’m one of those people born with the natural gift of common sense. Now that I’ve typed that out, and committed it to posterity, I’m terrified that I’m one of those people that think they have it, but actually don’t.

I love trying new products and services. There is something in me that just really wants to be floored by something new and exciting (insert shiny object here). When I see a new product launch I sign up right away to try it out. It’s a good thing you can just download new apps from the various app stores, otherwise you might find me camped out at the head of a digital line, waiting for the next big download. I feel like my true calling is beta testing everything for everyone. I posses a natural ability to break software in strange and common ways. I can spot user unfriendly processes from five monitors down.

Whenever I work on client websites, games or contests, I approach what I’m creating as someone who is wholly naive and inexperienced with tech in every way. If I can’t figure out what something is, if the solution isn’t obvious then something needs to be overhauled, pronto.

Despite the steady flow of projects with horrendous UX problems, the hots just keep on coming. I’m always a little astonished at how many launches occur for products that just make no sense and serve no function. Services that are useless (or maybe they are useful I just can’t figure them out). If nobody can really understand what they are getting from you why would they spend a penny or time to engage in you product or service?

Many creators get too personal with their projects, too close to the source that they can’t remain objective anymore. Ask people’s opinions and not people that are going to tell you what you want to hear. Find the worst critic and ask them. Ask me – I’ll never lie about that kind of thing because I think nothing is meaner than telling someone something is great that you hate.